Raleigh Lawyer Randolph J. Hill has been practicing law since 1987 and he wants to put that experience to work for you.  Wake County NC Lawyer Randy has dealt with every type of criminal case from simple traffic violations all the way to capital murder.  Randy is committed to getting his clients the best possible outcome.

We are a law office located in Raleigh, North Carolina and we help our clients in many ways. We practice and defend clients with criminal cases, traffic violations, DUI and DWI, drug crimes, felonies, homicide, appeals, business litigation, personal injury, automobile accidents and wrongful death.

His philosophy is what he calls “parallel tracks”.  Parallel Tracks means that Randy maintains focus on winning the case or winning the sentencing if there is no alternative.  Randy is passionate about giving his clients a second chance and making sure that the legal system works for them as much as possible.  Randy is happy to talk with those facing criminal charges one-on-one to inform you of your options and your rights.

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